Yakitori Izakaya Toriyasu,
Unchanged Since its Founding
in 1971


What is Toriyasu?

Founded in 1971, Toriyasu is a restaurant specializing in chicken dishes which puts a special emphasis on using local ingredients, and has been beloved by local residents for many years.
The restaurant uses domestically-sourced chicken that is trustworthy and reliable, and also makes it a point to use miso and soy sauce produced locally in Niigata.
For over 45 years since the restaurant was established, the traditional sauce that has been refilled at Toriyasu has been prepared using Kotoyo soy sauce brewed in Sasakami, mirin, brown sugar and other additive-free ingredients through a simple process. You can enjoy a flavor that has been built up over many years, and cannot be created anywhere else.


Niigata Specialty “Fried Chicken Half Portions”

With a flavor that has remained the same since Toriyasu was founded, fried chicken half portions are a popular item at this restaurant. Heartily consume the chicken, bursting with juiciness.
Numerous varieties of famous local Niigata sake are also availlable. Enjoy sake together with seasonal dishes.


Dinner Menu

*All plus tax

In addition, there are “Today’s Recommendations,” which are seasonal dishes we suggest you try.


2-12-3 Shirashinmachi Kita Ward Niigata City
Tel. 025-387-5283
Mail. info@toriyasu-niigata.com
Lunch. 11:30 - 14:30 / Dinner. 16:00 - 24:00(SUN or National Holiday. 14:30 - 23:00)

Reservations are only accepted by phone.
Please note that we can not accept reservations by e-mail.


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